Practice Advancement in Pharmacy Education

Toolkit for Integrating PAI 2030 in the Pharmacy Curriculum

PAI 2030

ASHP’s Practice Advancement Initiative (PAI) began in 2010 to drive pharmacy practice change at the local level. Building on that foundation, PAI 2030 includes recommendation that ensure the pharmacy profession meets the demand of future practice. PAI 2030’s foundation includes 59 practice-focused, organization-focused, and professional-focused recommendations, divided in five domains:

  • Patient-centered care
  • Pharmacist role, education, and training
  • Technology and data science
  • Pharmacy technician role, education, and training
  • Leadership in medication use and safety

ASHP Long Range Vision for the Pharmacy Workforce

PAI 2030 recommendations focus on elevating practice. ASHP’s Vision for the Pharmacy Workforce in Hospitals and Health Systems embraces PAI 2030 and seeks to prepare, engage, and leverage the pharmacy workforce to optimize health. The vision document describes where the pharmacy workforce and education should be going by 2030.



Practice Advancement and Your Curriculum

A key to practice advancement is ensuring future practitioners train for innovation. This toolkit aims to incorporate practice advancement in didactic and experiential training.



Start by taking a self-assessment, with questions to help you review your current curriculum and identify areas you may be able to link concepts of major PAI 2030 recommendations.


Helpful Resources

Learn from others by exploring readings, literature, and information on how PAI principles can integrate with learner education. For each theme, you will find readings on:

  • Learner Resources
  • Didactic Curriculum
  • Experiential Curriculum


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